The L’Outa Nursery is a tourist organisation which welcomes children from all countries between the ages of 6 months – 5 years (inclusive).

The nursery is registered and supervised by the PMI (the French Child/Baby protection agency). The ACEPP74-73 association, which is responsible for the ‘halte-garderie’ nursery is a non-profit making organization, accredited under law 1901 (https://www.acepp74.fr/).  The Morzine council owns the actual nursery building, giving the use of it to ACEPP74 to operate the nursery.

The purpose built facility includes a baby room (6 – 16 months) with a play room, feeding station, changing room and 3 x bedrooms with 5 – 6 beds. There is an area reserved for the older children (16 months – 5 yrs) which includes a play room, an activity room, a changing room with toilets and three bedrooms with 5 – 6 beds. There is a kitchen / dining room where the children eat and there is also a playground so that they can play outside.

Thanks to Morzine’s excellent family facilities, the town has been awarded the much coveted "family plus" accreditation by the national tourist board.