Childs bag

What to bring:

  • Child’s health book

  • Nappies (minimum 3 for a half day and 5 for a full day).

  • A complete change of clothing

  • A pair of slippers

  • Clothes to play outside, adaptable for the weather

  • Sterilised bottles if needed

  • Powdered milk or bottled milk (unopened)

  •  Teddy bear and / or dummy

  • Sleeping bag

What is provided:

  • Bibs

  • Baby wipes

  • Cot sheet, top sheet and blanket

  • Plate, cutlery and beaker

  • Tissues

  • Mineral Water

We provide plenty of stickers and pens at the reception, so that on arrival you can ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name. On a daily basis, please make sure you put their teddy bear, dummy, nappies and any food/milk in their special box, which will have their name on. The rest of their belongings can stay in their bag, hung up in the cloakroom.

Admission procedure

On arrival at the nursery, parents will be asked to complete an information sheet detailing all their child’s habits/needs: such as sleeping and feeding patterns and any health issues. In case of an emergency or a problem it is absolutely imperative that the L’Outa staff can contact parents at any time, so all contact telephone numbers in resort must be given.

The child’s health book is highly recommended and should be kept in the child’s bag. Children should be vaccinated according to the requirements of each country.

Handicapped children can be cared for dependent upon their needs.


Your child should arrive at the nursery, washed, dressed and having had breakfast. (If your child arrives with a dirty nappy, you will be asked to change it, allowing the staff to correctly deal with every child’s arrival).  For organisational reasons and to ensure meal times flow smoothly, there is no reception for children or adults between 10.00am and 1.30pm.


Due to the short stay factor of your child in the nursery, we are unable to carry out a gradual familiarisation process to the nursery, as is usual in all year round nurseries.  However, in order for your child to be as best prepared as possible, get him/her used to a crèche environment before arrival.

Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth stay for your child at L’Outa Nursery:

  • Make an effort to get to know the nursery staff

  • Remember important items such as their dummy or teddy bear etc.

  • Don’t leave without saying goodbye to your child properly

  • Fully complete the information sheets, so that we have all the necessary information

  • It’s best not to stay too long in the morning (maximum 15 mins)

  • Even if your child is crying when you leave them please don’t come back to the nursery. Usually they only cry a short while and if there is a problem we will call you.

The professional nursery staff are there to help your child get the most out of their nursery experience and thus will assist you in any way possible with any separation issues.  If the separation is too difficult for your child, the staff will call you and let you know.  The nursery is happy to accept phone calls from parents during the day, should you wish to check on your child’s progress.

Meals and Snacks

Meals can be provided by the nursery.  For children aged 16 months and over, it is a freshly cooked meal cut into small pieces and for children under 16 months it is a freshly cooked meal that has been blended. 

Meals are served to the children at 11.30. 

The menu of the day is posted up on the door at the reception.

Afternoon snacks are provided for over one year olds.  However, if your child still drinks formula milk, you will need to provide this along with any additional snacks for the under ones.  The snack is served at 15:30.  It is made up of seasonal fruits, yoghurt or pureed fruit.

For those parents not wishing to have the meal provided by the nursery, only jars of food are accepted (Heinz/Bledina etc). Strict rules of hygiene are maintained, pre-made bottles of milk and food jars already open are not accepted, neither are home-made meals. Special diets, allergies or food intolerances need to be made very clear to the nursery staff in advance.


The nursery has beds which ensure that every child can sleep according to their natural rhythm.  Cot sheets are provided by the nursery and are changed after every sleep.


The nursery follows the Protocol established by doctors affiliated to the PMI (French Child/Baby protection agency). It ensures that all child-care facilities comply to their approved level of hygiene. The PMI doctor is responsible for monitoring the proper application of these rules, particularly during its inspection visits.

In the interest of the child, any health problem (vaccination, accidents, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, sleeping issues) must be reported to us upon arrival. Any medication given to the child in the morning before arriving at the nursery must also be reported to the staff upon arrival.

The Director of the nursery reserves the right to refuse a child with a fever or unusual symptoms. In all cases, if the temperature is higher or equal to 39 ° during the day, parents will be contacted to pick up their child as soon as possible.

Your child will not be admitted to the crèche if they have been diagnosed with the following illnesses. Your child will only be allowed to return to the nursery upon presentation of a medical certificate proving your child is fit to return to collective care.

  • Tonsillitis Streptococcus
  • Whooping cough
  • Hepatitis A
  • Impetigo
  • Invasive meningococcal infections
  • Mumps, measles, Scarlet fever, tuberculosis
  • Enterohemorrhagic, E.coli, gastroenteritis or shingles

If a contagious infection is found present in the nursery, a detailed poster will be put up in the reception to inform everyone.

All administration of drugs in the nursery must be accompanied by a prescription stating the start and end date of the treatment and dose.

Parents should not mix medications with milk or fruit juice.

Absenteeism, illness, refunds

All nursery places need to be fully paid for in advance. Refunds can only be made if:

  • the child is hospitalised

  • Upon provision of a doctor’s note

  • Family problems (written proof needed)

  • In case of coronavirus: administrative closure / border closure

The nursery needs to be notified of any absence before 17:00. If you do not notify the nursery and your child is absent the next day, then you could lose your nursery place for the rest of the week.
A refund will only be given upon presentation of a medical certificate and will become effective on the second day of the booked place. We usually make the refund by cheque. If you require the refund to be made via bank transfer there will be a 20 Euro charge which will be deducted from the refund due.


We ask you to kindly respect our security rules for the children which are:

  • All jewellery and hair clips are strictly forbidden

  • Please close all doors behind you in the nursery, when coming and going

  • Check your child’s pockets to see if they haven’t brought along any small objects with them

  • Do not bring personal toys

  • Check their bag on arrival at nursery to see if their essential ‘teddy bear’/ dummy are there

  • Ask big brothers and sisters to respect the security rules and to keep calm

  • Do not throw paper, bottles or cigarette tabs in the alleyway leading up to the nursery

The nursery is not responsible for theft, loss of jewellery, loss or deterioration of clothing or personal objects.


In our nursery, health and hygiene rules are sacred and these excellent standards contribute to the well-being of all the children.  Everyone should take personal responsibility towards maintaining these standards. The cleaning is carried out daily by the staff and also specialist cleaning staff.

Please note: parents and children must remove their shoes on arrival.

Evening Departure

The departure of each child can be made at any time during the morning or afternoon. When the parents arrive, the person looking after your child will inform you of how your child got on during the day (their sleeps, feeds, activities etc).   The children will only be given back to their parents or another specified adult who provides proof of identity with their passport.

In the interests of security for your child and for insurance purposes, you must strictly adhere to the pick-up times for your child.  You must arrive at least 10 minutes before the end i.e. 12.20 for 12.30 and 17.20 for 17.30.

If you do not turn up on time, the staff legally have to contact the police.