A typical day

08.30 - 10.00 - I arrive at the nursery.

When I arrive at the nursery, my mummy/daddy come inside without forgetting to take their shoes off in the entrance. They take my coat off, put on my slippers and sort out my bag (get my teddy and nappies, any food/bottles - without forgetting to write my name on them - and put everything in my locker).

Then we go into the play room and spend a few minutes together before daddy/mummy leaves. Mummy/daddy tell the team about what kind of night I've had, what time I woke up this morning and if I'm OK and well today.

It's important that mummy/daddy take time to say goodbye to me and wish me a great day. If I need a cuddle from one of the team when I say goodbye then that helps. It's always hard to see my parents leave: sometimes I might cry but sometimes I can say goodbye and be OK - but the team always consoles me if I need it.


10.00 - Activity time.


We get to try some activities in small groups:

Touch workshop: with sand I can empty, fill and pour the grains into different containers and love how it feels on my fingers.

Drawing/painting workshop: I use my little fingers or paint brushes to paint a picture onto different things - like tissue, paper, boxes.

DIY workshop: I use the children's safe scissors, glue and lots of different materials to make a beautiful surprise for mummy and daddy.

Reading workshop: I can sit on the mat with my friends and listen to a story and look at the pictures. It's a nice time to be calm before the end of the morning.

If I do not want to do an activity in the morning I can also just stay in the play room and find the dolls corner, kitchen play area, the cars and garage, book corner, building area or try some puzzles.

I go usually go outside for half an hour to play in the playground and get some fresh air. I hope that mummy/daddy doesn't forget to bring the right clothes so I can play out whatever the weather (coat, hat, gloves - all with my name in).

For the babies: activities for stimulation and nursery rhymes.

The tiny ones will need lots of sleep so we cannot plan activities at set times. We offer each child a variety of toys to stimulate and develop their curiosity and motor skills. The babies are not in a reclining chair all day.

11.30 - Lunchtime for all the children.

After a good playtime this morning I wash my hands and go to the canteen.

'Grands' (16 months - 5 years) - I sit on a little chair and have help with my bib. We can eat a starter, hot main course and dessert and cheese. The team help me to eat if I cannot manage on my own. Once I have finished I wash my hands and face with a cloth that fits on my hand.

'Petits' (6 months - 16 months) - I eat in the playroom in a high chair. I can eat a main course and dessert. When the team gives me my bottle or milk or puree I like to have them watch and talk to me to help me eat.

At the end of the meal the team make a note on the big board to remember if I ate well and liked my lunch.

During the mealtime I am asked to:

  • Stay sitting down
  • To always say 'Thank you/Merci'
  • To try everything to see if I like it or not.

12:30 - Sleep Time

For the older children there are 3 bedrooms each with 5 or 6 beds.

Before I go to bed I am reminded to go to the toilet or one of the team will change my nappy. Then I find my teddy and an adult will reassure me by explaining what I will do when I wake up – what games we will play, what snacks we will eat, and what time Mum and Dad will pick me up. I then happily fall asleep.

If I can’t sleep I relax for little while and I can sleep a little later. There are no sleeping rules at L’Outa nursery - I can sleep whenever’s best for me.

For the younger children there are 3 bedrooms each with 5 beds.

When I show signs of being tired one of the team takes me to my bed with my teddy and dummy (if I have one). If I can’t sleep one of the team will give me a cuddle and rock me to sleep or I will go to sleep in a pushchair.

For both groups of children we try to give the children the same bed for the whole week. If they sleep in a different bed then the team will change the bed linen.

The team always make a note of the time I slept so that they can tell Mum and Dad when they pick up.

15:30 - Afternoon snack

The team offers us a selection of drinks, yogurts, fruits and small cakes.

16:00 - Activities

We take part in different activities from the ones we did in the morning. Parents start to pick up their children from the nursery around 16:30, so after 16:30 we have time to free play in the games room or we read books and do puzzles with one of the team.

17:00 -17:20 - Pick up time

Mum and Dad arrive. I’m really happy and I am excited to show them what I have been doing at the nursery. The team explain to my parents what I’ve been up to during the day. My parents must not forget to pick up all my things – teddy, dummy, bottles etc. I can take the arts and crafts which I made at nursery home with me at the end of the day. I say good bye to the team and look forward to seeing them again the next day.

When the last child has left the team tidy the nursery and close the building for the night.

Please respect the nursery closing time and make sure when you leave you close the doors behind you.

Changing and Cleanliness

I am changed regularly during the day:

  • In the morning, an hour after arriving

  • After lunch

  • Before and after sleeping if my nappy is dirty

  • And each time the need arises

Whilst I’m being changed by a member of the team they sing to me, talk to me and ask me to help them (e.g. lifting my legs to make it easier to change me).

When I’m ready I can use the potty or the toilet. Throughout the day the team will remind me regularly to go to the toilet so that I don’t have an accident!